Relax to Learn brings programs that promote emotional well-being through mindfulness and guided imagery to schools, students, parents and counselors. Watch this brief video to see Grand Ideas from Within in the classroom and hear what the students have to say about the program.



Notice what school administrators say about Grand Ideas from Within in this short segment.


“That breathing stuff you taught me really works, Ms. Stewart!  …and so does imagining my safe place!  I knew they helped when I did them in your class at school, but I’ve started using them at home, too.  It really helps when I’m angry.  I can calm down and not get in trouble.”

7th grader, Clinton Middle School, Clinton, Louisiana 2000


The Grand Ideas from Within classroom program was developed by Joan Stewart, MSW and Janice McDermott, M.Ed, MSW and is featured by Relax to Learn. Grand Ideas from Within is a research based mindfulness program that helps students to be still, be quiet, and pay attention in the classroom through the use of short, prerecorded guided imagery lessons.

The Grand Ideas from Within Counselor Edition was developed to be used in small groups or individuals and allows a more intensive exposure to the mindfulness and guided imagery tools used in the classroom edition.

The concept of this program was born the moment that 7th grade student uttered the words you see quoted above. Joan Stewart, MSW, knew she had to find a way to provide the simple effective techniques of mindfulness to students and families who might never find their way into a counselor’s office…because they had no money, no transportation, or simply no awareness of how they could change their lives for the better.

Grand Ideas from Within has been used successfully since 2004 in eight Louisiana and Mississippi schools. Hundreds of students and teachers still continue to benefit each and every day.

Want to see the full-length report of Grand Ideas from Within featured on Louisiana Public Broadcasting, March 18, 2011? Click here to watch “Leap Test” where education reporter Sue Lincoln reports the success of the program on “Louisiana-the State We’re In.”