RtL Library

Welcome to the Relax to Learn Library!

Here you will find  sample lessons from the Grand Ideas from Within classroom program and Random Mindful Moments. Enjoy them at your leisure and share them with your family and friends.  Be sure to join our email list so you will receive new Random Mindful Moments as we post them. 


Grand Ideas Sample Lessons

Here are two samples that you may download for your enjoyment or to share with others.
Simply Right Click or CTRL-Click (MAC) and save file to your computer.
01 Breathing Easily.mp3 | 02 Sounds of Nature.mp3

Random Mindful Moments

Random Mindful Moments are brief, peaceful interludes designed to both relax the listener
and to deliver a lesson to be used at anytme. They are best listened to 
in chronological order as each builds upon the previous lesson.

#1/2011 – Minding the Breath

#2/2011 – The Singing Bowl

#3/2012 – Visual Awareness

#4/2012 – Hearing Our World

#5/2012 – A Taste of Bliss

6/2012 – Home is Where the Heart Is